Logic Convector

The Logic Convector is an efficient open inset gas fire suitable for all chimney types. It incorporates a convection system that provides additional heat and efficiency to that of the Hotbox. Available with coal or pebble fuel beds and the option of either manual or remote control versions.

The convector box draws cool room air into the bottom of the convection chamber the cool air is warmed as it passes over the hot surfaces of the chamber and the hot air is then emitted back into the room via the top convection slot.

Key Facts

  • Heat Output: 4.60kW
  • Efficiency: 68.5%
  • Dimensions: w x h x d(mm)
    • 410 x 560 x 250mm
  • Chimney or Flue Options:
    • Brick Chimney:
    • Pre Fabricated:
    • Pre-cast:
    • Balanced Flue:
  • Gas Type:
    • Natural Gas:
    • LPG Gas:
  • Fuel Bed:
    • Coals:
    • Pebbles:
  • Content Options:
    • Manual:
    • Slide:
    • Remote:

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